Public Art

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"Wall Relief Sculpture"  

Transylvania Public Library

Transylvania Public Library (10'H by 36'W by 1.5'D)

Duke Power Commission

Duke Power Commission

Triptych detail detail



Shards (8'H by 20'W by 1.5'D)



detail Le Livre Le Livre



Canarios Detail


China Shards


Five Elements Detail


Freestanding Sculpture







Five Elements #2

Five Elements #2


Penn Installation

Penn Installation



Cantilevered Wall Sculpture

Cantilevered Wall Sculpture


Fire and Water

handy glass

Holographic glass
Charlotte Fire Department




Bas relief

These wall sculptures are high-relief compositions constructed of large, interconnected segments or ‘elements.’ Residential pieces usually include three to five elements and are designed in wood; fiberglass resin and other composite materials are used for my public art installations. (My current commission includes twenty segments, and is twenty six feet in length.) This series of art work combines juxtaposing planes, compound angels, and mixed-media painted surfaces. The composition titled, Canarios, includes over fifty various planes. My objective is to design works of art that retain tension, ‘push-pull,’ between the elements, yet maintain an overall resolve within the composition. By applying multiple washes of colors, I build up a translucent patina which reveals most of the revisions of the brushwork. This technique exposes each underlying foundation, including the preliminary drafting lines. It is my intention to show each stage or strata of the process, and also reveal, in a sense, the ‘history’ of the artwork. I’ve titled this series, ‘Constructed Paintings.’ Matisse advised, “Approach a painting as if you are constructing it.” (read more about George Handy)



Ceramic Detail




Public Art




Cliff Basket


Surface Detail


Five Public Art Projects 1997- present. Permanent Collection Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

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